Swimmer dives towards a submerged statute in the crystal clear Italian Ocean

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This is the mesmerising footage of a beautiful swimmer who dives towards a submerged statue in the crystal clear Italian Ocean. Francesca Torricella from San Salvo, Italy was filmed visiting the sunken statue of Padre Pio in the oceans of Isola di San Domino - Isole Tremiti in the Puglia region of Italy. While swimming towards the statue of the Patron saint of the region, Francesca descends into a real-life Atlantis. The stunning diver even stops to take a selfie with the statue resulting in a humorous image that has brought Francesca joy ever since. Francesca, 27, is a restaurant owner and tourist port manager in San Salvo. "I use to visit this location every Sunday with my boat because we spend only an hour and a half to reach the isle. We are so devoted to this place and we know every single corner of it." "The first time I dived was at 4, my father is a fisherman for passion so I've ever lived in contact with the sea." "I'm in love with the nature of the sea and I love fighting to reach what I want: the first time I reached the statue I cried and from that time I always go to say "hi" to Padre Pio, it's a ritual for me and my friends!"