Nice day for a dip! Brave swimmers take New Year's Day plunge in icy lake

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Taking the plunge: A man in an animal costume takes to the water (SWNS)

These brave swimmers blew away the New Year's Day cobwebs in style - by going for a morning swim in an icy marine swimming lake.

Dozens of swimmers braved the elements in Clevedon, Somerset on New Year's Day morning, with some even sporting bizarre penguin costumes while taking a dip.

The annual event raises hundreds of pounds for charity and saw hundreds gather by the water to watch the spectacle unfold this morning.

And with temperatures in Clevedon hovering at a somewhat brisk 5C, it's no wonder the 30-40 swimmers needed some encouragement to take to the waves.

Other unusual costumes spotted at the chilly charity swim included lions, crocodiles, and even a wizard.

Most of the swimmers lasted only a few minutes in the icy depths before dashing from the water to warm up again.

The Clevedon swim raised money for the Secret World Wildlife Centre in East Huntspill, Somerset.