They must be flipping mad! Competitors take part in -10C snow race wearing only flippers and trunks

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Competitors in Siberia brave the elements in their trunks (Caters)

These wacky racers prove they're flipping mad - after braving -10C temperatures for a snow race wearing only swimming trunks.

Competitors in Novosibirsk, Siberia, donned just swimming flippers and tight trunks for the unique sub-zero battle to cross the finish line.

Some of the competitors chose to wrap up slightly warmer and sport an array of white togas while others decided to brave the cold in skimpy pairs of shorts.

The bizarre race was captured by amateur photographer Andrey Chernyh who heads to watch the race each year.

Andrey, 40, spends his days working as an engineer but his spare time getting to grips with photography.

The competitors, who are all members of the Spektr club, each make the choice to embrace a healthy life style and regularly compete in similar competitions in Russia.

But despite the lengths that some people went to to cross the line first, it was all for fun and there was no winner of the race.

It’s well known in the Siberian community so locals flock down to cheer on their family and friends as they battle through the harsh conditions.

Andrey said: “These people must be mad to do this but they all seem to enjoy it.

“Some people were more competitive than others and were desperate to get to the front whereas some people seemed to just be there for fun.

“It’s all in good spirit and provides a great atmosphere for everyone watching.”

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