Swindon residents fighting plans for 5G mast

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The site of the proposed 5G mast
The site of the proposed 5G mast

Residents in Toothill have strongly objected to plans for a 5G mast to be built in their neighbourhood.

Plans have been submitted by CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd to build a 15-metre structure in Harlech Close.

But the plans have come up against significant opposition by some who live in the area and the surrounding neighbourhoods.

An objection to the planning application was made by John Bristow of Rhuddlan who said: “In terms of the residential bungalows, it is an eyesore and again not in keeping with the area.

“There are better alternative sites available such as the nearby park or along Great Western Way.”

He also claimed that CK Hutchison Networks (UK) Ltd had not used Swindon Borough Council's mast register to find a suitable site.

Concerns relating to elderly residents have also been raised in the objections.

Lydiard and Freshbrook Councillor Sean Wilson in his objection said: “It is in a residential area. The nearest house is only a few feet away.

“Local properties are occupied during the day by many elderly and disabled residents.”

Swindon Borough Council’s Transport department has also strongly objected to the proposal.

Alison Curtis Senior Transport Development Management Engineer at the council said: “The proposal would result in alterations to the existing footway facility to the detriment of vulnerable users, which is likely to cause highway safety problems for users and deter users

“More favourable consideration maybe given subject to locating the equipment in a position where existing and future walking and cycling routes are not compromised.”

All of these concerns have been supported by South Swindon MP Sir Robert Buckland who has written to Swindon Borough Council to express his concerns about the proposal.

In the letter to the council, Sir Robert says the proposal will cause problems for local residents, particularly those with mobility issues who need to use a wheelchair or mobility scooter, as well as residents with young children and pushchairs.

The MP adds: “The area is densely populated, with a high percentage of bungalows.

“Therefore, many elderly and more vulnerable residents live in the surrounding area, making the proposed unsuitable footpath even more unsafe and concerning.

“There is concern amongst local residents regarding visibility for road users, due to the tower and ancillary boxes located at the junction causing an obstruction.”