Swinging Goose Impresses Owner at Ohio Farm

A clever goose took some time out on a swing set at a farm in Oberlin, Ohio.

Tammy Tunison shared footage of her sebastopol goose, Laverne, climbing onto a swing Tunison had built for her goats, Alex and Junior, and dog, Q.

Speaking to Storyful, Tunison said she was surprised to see the goose on the swing and thinks Laverne picked up the trick while watching other animals use the set.

“I have never seen Laverne do this until today. I was quite surprised to see her on the swing,” Tunison said, “I went back to look at the security camera recording, to see how she did it. I was so surprised to see her get on the swing with ease.”

Oberlin-based farmer Tunison regularly films humorous videos of her goats and other pets, posting them to her Hobby Farm Facebook account. Credit: Tammy Tunison via Storyful

Video transcript

TAMMY TUNISON: Well, hello there. [LAUGHS] Look what I saw. I've never seen her on the swing. This is quite hilarious. That's Laverne. I guess she likes the swing as well as everybody else does. [LAUGHS] Crazy nut. My babies are weird. I love it. I love it, baby.