Sydney Sweeney Gets Candid About 'The Most Difficult Thing' To Deal With After Getting Famous In Hollywood

 Sydney Sweeney as Cassie in Euphoria
Sydney Sweeney as Cassie in Euphoria

Arguably, one of the best teen dramas streaming right now is Euphoria. The talented young cast has been praised by many, and the series gave Zendaya her first-ever Emmy win. The HBO hit also helped launch the careers of several actors, including Sydney Sweeney. The actress, who plays Cassie in the drama, previously opened up about how she’d travel back and forth while trying to make it in Hollywood. Now, she’s getting candid about the most difficult thing she’s had to deal with since getting famous.

In an interview with Spanish newspaper El País, Sweeney got real about getting famous. She revealed that she hasn’t been able to use her authentic voice much because it’s constantly getting changed. Whether on accident or on purpose, Sweeney spoke about how much she doesn’t like it, and I can’t say I blame her:

The most difficult thing for me is that I never speak with my authentic voice because you are the journalists who write my voice. I can have the most authentic conversation with you, but what we say or the context behind it ends up being changed, and readers see it differently. It's the hardest for me.

It definitely makes sense why the Madame Web star feels that way. Some people do twist words and meaning when it comes to interviews, so it’s hard to truly be authentic. Whether the journalist means to or not, sometimes things get taken out of context and spun in a way that isn't truthful to the source. That seems to be why Sweeney doesn't use her "authentic voice" when speaking publically.

Perhaps another difficult thing to deal with in Hollywood is constant rumors. The Euphoria star had to deal with rumors earlier this year about being romantically linked to rom-com co-star Glen Powell. She even had to show off her engagement ring at one point to make sure people knew that she wasn’t with her co-star. That’s probably also another reason why not being able to use her authentic voice as much is difficult. Words have been spun before for many celebrities, even when they try to debunk rumors.

Meanwhile, in regards to becoming famous, Sydney Sweeney’s role on Euphoria has become quite memorable and highly talked about. She previously shared how she didn’t prepare her dad for Euphoria and the intimate moments that his daughter was involved in. It might have been for the better, though, because explaining those scenes to your father might be more awkward than actually watching it. However, Sweeney has also made her love for the HBO hit clear, and it's helped her rise up to where she is today.

As we wait for more news about Season 3 of Euphoria, hopefully, Sweeney will be able to share her authentic voice through her work. If you are looking to watch one of the shows that introduced us all to Sydney Sweeney and her talent, both seasons of Euphoria are streaming now with a Max subscription.