Sydney Zoo Welcomes Newborn Pygmy Hippo Calf

An Australian zoo welcomed the birth of an adorable, and chubby, pygmy hippo, footage shared on December 2 shows.

Video filmed by Taronga Zoo Sydney shows the yet-to-be named baby getting to know her surroundings and spending some quality time with mum.

According to the zoo, the calf was born to mother, Kambiri, and father, Fergus, on November 22, and is the first pygmy hippo calf to arrive at the zoo in more than four years.

“Like most newborns, much of the day consists of the calf exhibiting short bursts of energy followed by suckling from mum then napping. However, because Pygmy Hippos are a semi-aquatic species, the calf is also mastering the art of swimming” the zoo said.

Taronga Unit Supervisor of Ungulates Gabe Virgona added, "whilst the calf is still finding her slightly-webbed feet and mastering the art of swimming she won’t be on exhibit just yet, but it will only be a matter of time until she’s ready to make her big splash to the public”. Credit: Taronga Zoo Sydney via Storyful

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