Syrian refugee is arrested by police in connection with Parsons Green terror attack

Andy Wells
Freelance Writer
Yahyah Farroukh was arrested by undercover police over the Parsons Green terror attack (The Sun)

This is the dramatic moment a Syrian refugee was pinned to the wall and arrested by police over the Parsons Green terror attack.

Yahyah Farroukh was seen outside the Aladdins Fried Chicken shop in Hounslow, West London, being pinned down by police at midnight on Saturday.

The 21-year-old was wrestled to the ground outside the fast food restaurant just one day after the failed plot to blow up a tube train at Parsons Green Station in south west London.

Originally from Damascus, Syria, Farroukh lived at the same foster home as an as-yet-unnamed 18-year-old who was arrested in Dover on Saturday in connection with the incident.

The 21-year-old had studied English at university (Facebook)
Farroukh was arrested the day after the failed terror attack in Parsons Green (Rex)

Witnesses to Farroukh’s arrest said they first thought he was getting jumped when police rugby tackled him to the floor.

One person told The Sun: “We were going to help him but they shouted ‘undercover police’ so we stepped back.

“The guy was screaming. When they took him down his phone went flying and he dropped his bag containing a drink can and a KitKat.


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“The cops were shouting to get his phone. I guess because it holds important information.”

The witness added: “A forensic team wrapped his arms in plastic up to his biceps and his legs up to his thighs.

“They put plastic on his shoes then put him in overalls and plastic cuffs.

The bomb failed to explode fully but passengers were left injured by a fireball inside the train (Rex)
Here’s everything we know so far about the Parsons Green terror attack (PA)

“They put him in a car which also had all the seats wrapped in plastic.

“He looked like he didn’t speak much English but he was responding to what they were saying.”

Farroukh, who studied English at West Thames College in Hounslow, has worked for promoters Dope Diamond Entertainment and BSQ London, according to his Facebook profile.

Arrested teen had been in trouble before

The 18-year-old suspect arrested before Farroukh is believed to be an Iraqi refugee and was already known to police.

According to MailOnline, the teenager is thought to have been a “problematic foster child” who arrived in the the UK aged 15.

A local councillor said his parents died in Iraq while his family are not believed to have agreed with him moving in with Christian foster parents.

The arrests on Saturday were followed by an announcement from Home Secretary Amber Rudd that  the UK terror threat level had been reduced to ‘severe’ after it was briefly raised to ‘critical’.

Penelope and Ronald Jones fostered both suspects (PA)

Foster couple who took in both suspects

Both arrested men were fostered by British couple Penelope and Ronald Jones, aged 71 and 88 respectively, who previously received MBEs for services to children and families.

Farroukh has since left their care, while his home in Stanwell, Surrey was searched by police on Sunday.

The couple’s home was subject to an armed raid on Saturday morning and is still being scoured by counter-terrorism investigators.

Dave Solway, who lives opposite Mr and Mrs Jones, said they were currently caring for two people – a Somali teenager and Iraqi man.

The couple received MBEs from Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace in 2010 (PA)

He said the Iraqi, who he thought was 18 or 19, had been living with them “for a couple of years”.

He said: “He has been there ages, he is a good little lad, he is.

“I’ve said hello to him and asked him how he is – he is a good kid making a life for himself.”

The Somali boy, who told Mr Solway he was 15, showed signs that he wished to leave, the neighbour said.

Farroukh’s home was searched by police on Sunday (PA)

Mr Solway added: “When he arrived, he refused to go into the house, point blank refused to go in.

“He was a 15-year-old, that is what he was saying, he didn’t want to go in their house – he was saying ‘get me my clothes’, ‘I want to go to London’, that is all he kept saying, over and over.

“He had just been dropped off when they had their altercation, I don’t know whether he had gone back to the house.

“He was arguing with Ron, that is why I came out, to calm him down and to make sure that Ron was OK.”

Bomb suspect ‘spotted’ on CCTV carrying Lidl bag

CCTV images appearing to show a person walking with a Lidl bag on the morning of Friday’s rush hour Tube attack have been obtained by ITV News.

The footage is reported to have been filmed near a house in Sunbury-on-Thames, Surrey, which is at the centre of one of two police raids.

A man was seen walking with a Lidl bag shortly before the attack (PA/ITV News)

Images posted on social media following the Parsons Green attack appeared to show wires protruding from a flaming bucket inside a plastic Lidl carrier bag on the floor of a carriage.

The person in the footage can be seen carrying a Lidl bag at 6.50am on Friday morning, just 90 minutes before the bomb exploded on the District Line train at Parsons Green.