Syrian Refugee Chef Shares His Passion for Cooking in Kuala Lumpur

Abu Luay, a Syrian refugee and chef living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, appeared at the Food and Arts of Middle East (FAME) Festival in March 2017 to teach Malaysians about Syrian cuisine alongside his wife Um Luay and son Tarek.

The festival, according to the UNHCR, “aimed to shed light in the lives of refugees through a showcase of food, culture and heritage of this individuals who mainly hail from Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Palestine. With little to no access to employment and education, refugees in Malaysia live in conditions that are not sustainable for the long term.”

The video was released as part of a larger campaign around the release of the UNHCR’s Global Trends Report 2016 and World Refugee Day, slated to take place on June 20. Credit: UNHCR via Storyful