T-Rex Do Us Part: Bride Walks Down Aisle in Dinosaur Costume

A woman in New Zealand took “Bridezilla” cliches to extremes recently when she walked down the aisle in a T-Rex costume.

Emma Helleur captured these images at a wedding in Tasman, New Zealand, where she acted as marriage celebrant and posted them to TikTok on May 1.

She explained the context in an email to Storyful: “Myo (the bride) had made her wedding dress at home so her groom had seen it from design to completion. So there wasn’t a surprise there for the groom. Myo had always wanted to wear a dinosaur costume and thought this was a perfect opportunity to have a bit of fun and surprise her future husband.”

Helleur explained that Myo wasn’t stuck in the costume for the whole ceremony.

“She walked half way down the aisle in the dinosaur costume then a friend helped her unzip it to reveal her wedding gown underneath,” Helleur said. Credit: Emma Helleur via Storyful

Video transcript


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