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    'The Sopranos' actor Paul Herman dies on his 76th birthday

    The American actor was known for playing pizza restaurant owner Peter 'Beansie' Gaeta in the hit HBO mob drama.

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    How 'The Sopranos' had real life links to the Mafia

    The hit HBO series was so true to real-life, real life Mafia members began to wonder if the show had someone on the inside.

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    James Gandolfini's son stars as Tony Soprano in 'Sopranos' prequel trailer

    Fans get a glimpse into what made Tony Soprano a feared mob boss in the first look at the prequel film to HBO's 'The Sopranos'.

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    Sopranos prequel film The Many Saints Of Newark delayed

    The still-raging pandemic continues to disrupt the Hollywood release calendar.

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    Tony Soprano’s Greatest Moments

    The likes of President Jed Bartlet and Tyrion Lannister have to be up there, likewise Don Draper and Walter White. Across six engrossing seasons, James Gandolfini’s delivered a performance like no other.

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    The Best Episodes of The Sopranos

    Of all these revered programmes however, a strong case can be made that the very best of the best, the crème de la crème, is David Chase’s peerless crime drama, The Sopranos. Across six seasons, it also showcased possibly the greatest character arc of all time in the shape of James Gandolfini’s conflicted Tony Soprano, an often brutal man who suffers from panic attacks as he juggles the pressures of family life with those of being a full time mobster. In this early episode we get perhaps the ultimate example of the conflict Tony faces between separating his work and family life.

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    Is Cinema Dead? Stars running to the small screen!

    The concept of movies we have known so far is doomed to change and it isn’t something we should be scared of. Over time, cinemas became seen as places for social gatherings and movies became known as their own art form. In my childhood, I mostly frequented my town’s cinema to watch the latest Disney Classic such as The Lion King or Hercules and I was starting to understand the concept of movies no longer played by real people but made of cartoons.