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    Is The Walking Dead worth watching?

    AMC's zombie series, starring Andrew Lincoln, is now available to stream in the UK via Sky and NOW.

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    Andrew Lincoln regrets leaving ‘The Walking Dead’

    Andrew Lincoln regrets leaving ‘The Walking Dead’ when he did.

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    Can Andrew Lincoln win back The Walking Dead fans with promise of ‘levity’?

    If there’s one thing I don’t think I need too much of in The Walking Dead, it’s levity. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Lincoln even says that reading the script of the final episode in season 7 made him do ‘a little jig’. If the first half of season 7 was too miserable, too bleak and with a Rick none of us wanted to recognise, then strap in for part B of the season where The Walking Dead will do its best to win back any of the fans that have walked away recently.

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    Is The Walking Dead’s Andrew Lincoln losing his cool?

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan has made quite the entrance in The Walking Dead since he arrived on the scene in the final episode of series 6. In a video interview with Entertainment Weekly, Morgan reveals that playing Negan is a hell of a lot of fun, but it also requires him to take a bit of his character beyond what you see on screen… and Andrew Lincoln is struggling to keep it together. If you think that Andrew Lincoln is delivering a pretty impressive performance so far over the first few episodes of

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    How will Walking Dead survivors react to Negan in extended 85 minute episode?

    If AMC didn’t think they were getting their money’s worth out of Jeffrey Dean Morgan yet, then it’s time to really stretch that dollar now. Not satisfied with the entry Negan made in the series 6 cliff-hanger or the splattering of much beloved cast members that occurred in the opening episode of season 7, then this will likely be yet another chance to see just how much of a nasty fellow Negan can really be. It will be his first time on Rick and crew’s home turf and Negan will be keen to make a

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    How dark can the The Walking Dead go in series 7?

    According to Walking Dead special effects and make-up guru and episode director Greg Nicotero, you make things go from bad to worse very quickly. After introducing the long anticipated big bad villain of the comics, Nicotero and co. left us not knowing who Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan has actually battered to death with his beloved baseball bat Lucille.

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    SDCC: Best TV News To Come Out Of Comic Con

    San Diego comic con, the world’s biggest convention, is THE place to be for Hollywood. The Flash premiered a new trailer for its third season, showing the consequences of Barry’s (Grant Gustin) rash decision to save his mother from dying in the season two finale. In this new world, Iris (Candice Patton) and Barry never meet, Cisco (Carlos Valdes) is a billionaire and Wally (Keiyan Lonsdale) is Kid Flash. Barry’s decision to change history will have a ripple effect across the Arrowverse, most n

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