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    'Sir Kid Starver': Keir Starmer nickname betrays Labour in-fighting over two-child benefit policy

    Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner previously called the two-child benefit cap 'obscene and inhumane'.

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    Joe Lycett leads responses to Liz Truss resignation

    The comedian has been a vocal 'supporter' of the Prime Minister's.

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    How will the 2020 Democratic National Convention work? Yahoo News Explains

    After a marathon primary that saw 29 major candidates in the Democratic field, the party’s national convention is finally here. On Thursday, former Vice President Joe Biden will officially accept the nomination, and the countdown to the Nov. 3 general election will begin. However, due to COVID-19, the 2020 DNC is going to be very different from the major party conventions we’ve become used to. Yahoo News Senior Political Correspondent Jon Ward explains what to expect — and why virtual convention

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    Biden's frontrunner status comes with Burisma baggage: Yahoo News Explains

    Joe Biden's resurgence as a frontrunner in the Democratic presidential primary has reopened the door for attacks on his record as vice president. While Bernie Sanders enjoyed the lead, Republican attacks focused on the need to defeat "socialism," but they are now shifting to Biden and his son Hunter's connections to the Ukrainian energy company Burisma. Yahoo News Senior Political Correspondent Jon Ward explains how Republicans may use ongoing investigations into Burisma as political leverage in

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    Joe Biden vs. Bernie Sanders: What's next for the Democratic primary?

    In the weeks prior to the South Carolina primary and Super Tuesday, former Vice President Joe Biden's campaign for the Democratic nomination seemed to be on life support — but a surprise string of electoral victories have turned the tables. Now, as the primary race heads toward its endgame, the stakes are even higher for Biden and rival Bernie Sanders. Yahoo News Senior Political Correspondent Jon Ward offers a preview of what to watch for in the weeks ahead.

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    Year in review: Brexit and Trump dominate Yahoo! UK's most searched terms of 2019

    An online multiplayer platform game has proved more popular than former prime minister Theresa May when it comes to the biggest internet search terms of the year.

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    EU leaders debate Brexit as UK election indicates a way out

    Many EU leaders are relieved the Brexit saga is finally coming to an end, while others are saddened by the departure of a heavyweight member state.