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    Russell Kane: Cancel culture means 'we live in a world where nothing has meaning'

    Russell Kane speaks with Yahoo UK about his comedy beginnings and why he's facing cancel culture with tongue-in-cheek mockery.

    12-min read
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    Paapa Essiedu: I'd approach 'every single one' of my roles differently if I could

    Paapa Essiedu speaks to Yahoo UK about his journey into acting and he came to be a rising star of the British theatre, TV and entertainment scene.

    9-min read
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    Charlie Higson: My success in comedy and writing 'happened by accident'

    Charlie Higson sits down with Yahoo UK to share insight into his life, career and his defining influences.

    13-min read
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    The Reverse-Flash Returns

    There’s something that I learnt from last Flash’s episode and it is not to create any expectation from teasers and trailers. There comes Harrison Wells from Earth-2 trying to explain the whole apparently messed up sequences of events that led to Eobard Thorne to appear in this timeline. In the first, Eddie shooting himself has actually erased his descendant Eobard, but since the killing of Barry’s mother is a “fixed point” in history, there must always be some Reverse-Flash that from the futur