Take a boat ride in crystal-clear Dawki lake, you won’t regret it

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Dawki is the last Indian town on the India-Bangladesh border. For the longest time, Dawki remained a trading outpost. But that changed in mid 2010s

Pictures of the clear waters of the River Umngot went viral on social media and Dawki attracted tourist attention.

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The waters of Umngot are so clear you can see the river bed and the fishermen’s boats look like they’re floating on air. Today, Dawki is a tourist attraction and thousands of tourists visit it every day. 

The waters are less clear than earlier but the river is still quite beautiful. 


Dawki is 90 km from Shillong but it’ll take you 3 hours to reach there. Evenings are the best time to take a boat ride on the river. You can also choose to camp overnight on the river banks. And the next morning you can drive to Darang and Shnongpdeng, where the waters are clearer.

Despite the crowds, Dawki has a unique charm. Go there before it gets more crowded.

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