Take cover! The moment pair of unaware divers are almost swallowed by two 40-ton WHALES

Take cover! The moment pair of unaware divers are almost swallowed by two 40-ton WHALES

A group of divers got the shock of their lives when the were almost swallowed whole by two humpback whales.

Shawn Stamback and Francis Antigua had been bobbing in the water at Souza Rock, near Morro Bay in California, when the huge 40-ton beasts suddenly emerged from the water.

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A ball of fish can be seen surrounding the unknowing pair, before seconds later the two whales leap out the water as the hungry predators swam towards them looking for dinner.

The humpback whales exploded out of the water just inches from Francis, and as they splashed below the surface the divers quickly darted back to the safety of their boat.

Shawn said: 'We could see the whales feeding about a quarter of a mile away when we got into the water to pass time in between dives.

'As we were floating around in the water hoping to get some shots of the whales in the distance all of a sudden the sardines started going crazy.

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'They weigh up to 40 tons and feed on schooling baitfish like these sardines. They take in vast amounts of fish and sea water as they launch forwards.
'I had a feeling the whales knew where we were in the water so missed us intentionally - which is pretty lucky as I was right in the middle of the meatball.'
Friends Jay Hebrard and Jeremy Bonnett captured the heart-in-mouth moment on video from the safety of the boat which Shawn and Francis quickly swan back to as they captured their breath.
Shawn added: 'It was a good moment to have the camera out - they captured the whales in full gulp-mode.'

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