Take That's Howard Donald says he's open-minded about his sexuality

The singer says he is sexually open-minded. (PA Images)
The singer says he is sexually open-minded. (PA Images)

Take That’s Howard Donald has spoken frankly about his sexuality while streaming an Instagram Live video.

The 50-year-old singer, who has two children with his wife, Katie Halil, said he has become ore “open-minded” about his sexual preferences after listening to the French singer Christine and the Queens.

Donald told his followers: “Christine And The Queens, she’s a pansexual, I’ve read. Pansexual sounds good. Maybe I should be pansexual.

“And let’s face it, women look at other women sometimes and think, ‘Ooh yeah, she’s tasty, I fancy her’,” he said.

He went on to say he’s sometimes felt the same way about men: “I’ve looked at men before and thought, ‘Oh yeah, I fancy him, he’s a good-looking guy. I wish I looked like that’.

“You can still be attracted to men and still be attracted to women . . . as well as women, sorry. But I’m happy with my wife, anyway. But I’m just saying, I’m very open-minded when it comes to that.”

Donald (far right) with his Take That bandmates (PA Images)
Donald (far right) with his Take That bandmates (PA Images)

‘Pansexual’ is a sexual preference which is not limited by sex, gender or gender identity.

Donald has been married to Halil, an illustrator, since 2015. He also has two additional children from previous relationships.

He was part of an exposed tax shelter scheme with Take That bandmates Mark Owen and Gary Barlow and their manager Jonathan Wild in 2012. The four invested £26 million into a music industry scheme that enabled them to avoid paying certain taxes.

Barlow went on to say in 2018 this was ‘one of most stupid things I’ve done.’ All four were ordered to pay £20 million back in taxes to HM Revenue and Customs in 2016.

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