Taking It Easy: Large Group of Manatees Follow 'Slow Speed' Sign to the Letter

A group of over a dozen manatees proved themselves careful rule followers this August as they lazily swam past a “slow speed” sign in St Petersburg, Florida.

Michael McCarthy of See Through Canoe captured the entertaining footage and posted it on the company’s Facebook page on August 31.

“This is an unusually large group of manatees to see in the summer. In the winter they gather in large groups in warm water spots,” McCarthy told Storyful.

He noted that the “slow speed” and “minimum wake” signs are placed there for the manatees’ safety.

“Although manatees usually move out of the way of boat traffic, it can be hard to surface for air when boat traffic is going in all directions and boaters are driving erratically or speeding. And when boats and jet skis speed in shallow water, the manatees can’t dive to get out of the way,” McCarthy said.

Boat collisions accounted for at least 63 manatee deaths by July this year, according to NPR. Credit: See Through Canoe via Storyful

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