'Taking No Chances': London Cabbie Tapes Up Plastic Sheet in Car to Ward Off Coronavirus

A London cab driver taped up a sheet of plastic to separate his front and back seats in a bid to prevent contracting coronavirus, footage taken on April 2 shows.

The footage was captured by National Health Service employee John Patrick Fletcher, who was traveling to work at a hospital in London city center at the time.

Fletcher told Storyful that he usually travels to work by train. However, with a number of trains running late, he decided to hire a nearby taxi for the commute.

He said, “I was naturally surprised that the driver had gaffer-taped inside the entire private cab with a clear sheet, and did a pretty fine job. He informed me he did it to protect his family, which is understandable.”

In his Twitter post accompanying the video, Fletcher wrote, “the driver is taking no chances … I don’t blame him.” Credit: John Patrick Fletcher via Storyful