Taking the pizza to the party - young man with a van lives his dream

Harvey Mercer (furthest right) with Callum Darke and brother Olly Mercer
-Credit: (Image: Harvey Mercer)

A Gloucestershire youngster in their early 20s has set up their own pizza business to give the community a taste of their cooking creativity.

Based in Hartpury, 22-year-old Harvey Mercer has converted a trailer into his very own pizza van. Providing freshly crafted pizzas on wheels, the business is called Pizza 2 You where the aim is to bring pizza "wherever the party takes us."

Helped out by his brother Olly Mercer, 19, and friend Callum Darke, 25, Harvey has done a few dummy runs but now the official launch is underway.

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Having studied business and finance at Cardiff Metropolitan University, this is always something Harvey wanted to do.

Harvey said: "I'm really looking forward to what the future holds. Whilst at uni I did a module on takeaways and why the pizza industry has done well, especially the idea behind more pizza trailers. I found that actually it is quite a profitable business but a start up that can be quite difficult."

Pizza 2 You
Pizza 2 You -Credit:Harvey Mercer

With maintenance help from dad and a few months converting the old horse box, now Pizza 2 You is ready to go. "Throughout the summer we'll have continuous events and we want to getting custom from the community such as Hartpury University and Staunton."

You find out more about Pizza 2 You here.