Taliban fire barrage of bullets as women protest terrorist attack that targeted Kaaj education centre in Kabul

Dozens of protesters filled the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan, to seek justice for the victims of a suicide terroristic attack that occurred yesterday (September 30) at the Kaaj education centre in the Dasht-e-Barchi area of the city. The bomb blast killed 35 people, many of whom were young women. Yesterday's attack targeted a predominantly Hazara neighbourhood, a minority group that has long faced persecution. The footage shows a Hazara female protester, Zainab, joining the protest as a barrage of bullets is fired by the Taliban. Women can be heard screaming. Women were among many of the demonstrators that gathered at Dasht-e-Barchi and marched from the Poksoktha area to Ali Jinah hospital today (October 1). The protest took place at 10 am local time. Many of the protesters were Hazaras. The filmer of this clip, Zainab, said that the Taliban are afraid of women protesting in the country. "The Taliban is scared of the voice of women. Women want their basic rights and want to show the world what is happening now under the Taliban government. They want to stop us because of this". Zainab also said: "We were a lot on the streets today. The Taliban took some of the women's phones, hurt some of the protesters and fired bullets. They hit some of the women and took them away. They also arrested journalists". Terrorist organisations haven't yet claimed responsibility for the attack on the tuition centre. Zainab said that along with the threat of extremist groups, the Hazara community also faces persecution by the Taliban. She said: "There is an ongoing Hazara genocide in Afghanistan. The Taliban is the enemy of the Hazara people. They don't want Hazaras".