Talking Point: Do you agree with school bubbles ending this summer?

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School absence due to Covid is at its highest level since March (PA Archive)
School absence due to Covid is at its highest level since March (PA Archive)

Gavin Williamson today confirmed that the school bubble system will be scrapped from July 19.

This means that pupils will only have to isolate if they personally test positive for Covid, rather than the whole class being sent home.

Masks will also no longer be advised, and schools can stop staggering start and end times.

Testing will continue to a certain extent, though, with secondary schools expected to provide two tests at the start of term from September.

The announcement came as it was revealed that school absence due to Covid is at its highest level since March.

But what do you think of the announcement? Do you have children in school who will be affected by the new rules? Let us know your situation in the comments below, and we’ll feature you on our website tomorrow.

Yesterday’s Talking Point: Will you be back in the office after July 19?

Most of you weren’t too thrilled about the prospect of returning to the office.

“CyclingLondoner” said “Nope. Life is too good now. Cycle or run in the morning before work, go for a swim at lunchtime or at 5 depending on how much work is expected of me. Collect the kids from school most days, watch football, tennis, tour de France. Save a fortune on travel and awful food from overpriced sandwich bars. It’s a miracle I barely get any work done and still get paid. Why would I want to change any of that?”

Others agreed. “Ericasinin” said “no chance,” “daviid_hart” said “with the way my co workers behave defo not,” and “leegalvin91” added: “hybrid working is the way forward.”

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