Talking Point: Are you comfortable hugging again?

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Coronavirus – Sun May 16, 2021 (PA Wire)
Coronavirus – Sun May 16, 2021 (PA Wire)

Today marks the return of hugging, albeit with caution.

That said, not everyone is quite yet ready to throw their arms around the new rules. Susannah Reid rejected a hug from her co-host on GMB this morning, and Evening Standard writer Susannah Butter has already decided that she will try “to only hug on [her own] terms.”

But how do you feel about the new rules? Are you keen to cling onto loved ones, or will you keep them at arm’s length for a while longer? Let us know in the comments below to be featured on the ES website tomorrow.

Friday’s Talking Point: Is cleaner air in London worth higher driving costs?

Most of you agreed that cleaner air in London is worth increased costs to drivers.

“LivesinLondon” said “Of course it is. Appreciate there will be considerations for how to manage deliveries to supermarkets etc, but there is little reason for all the private traffic clogging up the roads and in many cases killing off people with pollution. People seem to have forgotten that we were given legs and feet for a reason. For those too old or unable to walk the onus is on Sadiq Khan to provide a safe, environmentally friendly and reliable public transport system.

Both “FutureSoundOfLondon” and “StevieDee” agreed, with the latter adding: “Driving is already massively subsidised and cheaper than ever, with drivers paying nowhere near the cost of the negative externalities. That has to change - clean air is a right for everyone, not just whoever pays the most.”

But many of you also found fault with Khan’s ULEZ expansion, with “Amazonianman” asking: “I drive a Classic Mini and have to pay ULEZ where someone who owns a 2010 Range Rover doesn’t? What sense does that make?”

Marcus Collinson, meanwhile, pointed out that “the poorest boroughs and population suffers most with this. Is it a veiled way of gentrifying London completely?”

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