Talking Point: Did Matt Hancock breaking lockdown rules change how you would vote?

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Senior Conservatives have admitted that news of Matt Hancock’s affair contributed to Labour winning the Batley and Spen by-election.

News of Hancock breaking social distancing rules came just days before the election, leading many to believe it affected the vote.

Conservative Party co-chair Amanda Milling told Sky News: “It was something that came up on the doorstep, I have to be honest about that.

“They had some issues over the weekend in terms of what happened. Matt resigned and that was the right thing to do.”

Conservative peer Lord Hayward echoed these suggestions, saying: “With a small majority, a small defeat like this, you can always point to things which made a difference and I think it’s reasonable for people to say well with a small majority this might have influenced the results.”

But would Matt Hancock’s rulebreaking influence the way you vote? Let us know in the comments to be featured on our website.

Yesterday’s Talking Point: Are you confused about when to book your second jab?

It seems many of you were indeed confused over the amount of time between doses.

“Charrfry” said: “So true - wasted my Sunday waiting in line to be told we had to wait until 8 weeks for our 2nd dose...confusing when half my friends have had theirs after 3/4 weeks.”

“Figlio_di_bonacci” agreed: “Indeed there is. Got my 1st at a walk-in on June 19th. Was told right there and then to book a 2nd for after 4 weeks. Looked it up at home and it said 8 weeks everywhere, down from 12. Went online and looked at 5 different centres in the 3.5 mile radius - nothing available before early Sept. Called the dedicated NHS 119. After well over 15 mins of looking hi & lo it was bck to the same dates in Sept. Booked it for Sept 10th as the 1st week of Sept had already disappeared by then. The date is only 1 day short of a full 12 weeks. Voila.”

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