Talking Point: Would you be in favour of London hosting another Olympic Games?

Sophie Rainbow
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Tokyo 2020 Olympics Postponed (PA Archive)
Tokyo 2020 Olympics Postponed (PA Archive)

Sadiq Khan today said that he aims to bring the Olympics back to London if re-elected as mayor.

If the bid for the 2036 or 2040 games is successful, London would become the first city to host four summer games in the modern Olympic era.

Talking about the bid, Mr Khan said: “Exploring a bid for the 2036 or 2040 Olympic and Paralympic Games is the ultimate demonstration of my plan to build a brighter future for London after the pandemic.”

Do you think the bid is a good idea? Let us know in the comments for your chance to be featured tomorrow.

Friday’s Talking Point: Should Oxford Street be pedestrianised?

Last week, we asked for your thoughts on Sian Berry’s aim to pedestrianise Oxford Street.

Lots of you got in touch with your opinions, with most in favour of closing the road to cars. “TheMightyEgg” said: “It definitely should close to traffic so that businesses can recover and shoppers and residents can breathe again.”

“Melvyn” thought that the best alternative was trams - “The problem with Oxford Street is there are no easy viable alternative routes with the south side have the tight knit streets of soho which have more entitlement to be pedestrianised. While on the north side there are more suitable streets like Wigmore Street but they still only have limited capacity.

“That’s why the only logical answer is trams! Trams have the advantage of running on fixed track and so take up far less space than buses and have far greater capacity thus allowing for fewer vehicles overcoming the wall of buses that once plagued Oxford Street.”

“CountAnkerous” agreed - “Yes, it should be pedestrianised, and there should be a dedicated electric tram service running between Tottenham Court Road and Marble Arch to replace the buses and allow shoppers to take short hops from one end of the street to the other. Oxford Street is currently an over-crowded shopping street, it’s no longer feasible to consider it as one of London’s arteries for traffic.”

But others were more cynical - “Whatsupp” said only: “Are their any roads in London that Sian Berry and the Green Party do not want to close?”

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