Talking Point: How do you feel about nightclubs bypassing precautions for reopening?

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The industry needs to get back on its feet, but some have expressed concern (Getty Images)
The industry needs to get back on its feet, but some have expressed concern (Getty Images)

From Monday, nightclubs will be allowed to open again.

The reopening does not technically require any restrictions, although the government has advised businesses to remain cautious.

After over a year of closed doors with little support, however, some clubs have made it clear that they do not intend to impose restrictions on customers.

While the industry undoubtedly needs to get back on its feet, some have expressed concerns given that Covid cases are rising and young people in particular may not have been vaccinated yet.

What are your thoughts on the situation? Are you planning to go for a night out anyway, or do you think that clubs should be operating with more caution?

Let us know in the comments for your chance to be featured on our website on Monday.

Yesterday’s Talking Point: Do you think taxing sugary and salty foods and prescribing vegetables would transform our diets?

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Some of you agreed - deanio1972 said “there should be higher taxes on sugar and salty foods. What makes me laugh is he said he doesn’t want to make hard working people spend more money yet he’s quick to allow his chancellor to increase taxes on practically everything else.”

But deanio1972 also pointed out that price wasn’t necessarily the issue when buying healthy food, suggesting that better education might be a more effective solution. Telleryj agreed, saying: “Teaching people to cook would be money well spent.”

Others, such as Sheree99, thought that cutting out unhealthy foods might not even be the root cause of weight gain - “I don’t eat biscuits, cake, candy, chocolate, sugar, ice-cream, deserts or salt, takeaways, fatty food and all those other nasties for over 12 months but it hasn’t made any difference to my waste-line.”

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