Talking Point: Should local lockdowns be reintroduced to stop the spread of the Indian variant?

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People queue for Covid-19 vaccinations at the ESSA academy in Bolton (Danny Lawson/PA) (PA Wire)
People queue for Covid-19 vaccinations at the ESSA academy in Bolton (Danny Lawson/PA) (PA Wire)

George Eustice confirmed yesterday that local lockdowns are “an option” to combat the spread of the Indian Covid variant in the UK.

Cases of the variant jumped to 3,000 today, while Matt Hancock was warned that a local lockdown in Bolton could result in civil “unrest.”

Do you think that local lockdowns should be implemented to keep the variant under control? Let us know in the comments for your chance to be featured tomorrow.

Yesterday’s Talking Point: Will you welcome e-scooters to London?

Many of you got in touch to share your thoughts on e-scooters after a rental trial was announced yesterday.

Some of you didn’t mind the prospect, as long as safety comes first. “BritishTruth” said: “Fine, but ALL road/highways users should have a roadworthy vehicle, wear full safety equipment (where applicable), undergone official tuition, passed an official test and hold a licence.”

“RayMay” added: “I have been riding one for the last year and a half. Never ridden on the pavement. My e-scooter is limited to 15MPH. Driving through Richmond Park in my car with my speed limited to 20MPH, I have had many bicycles speed past me.

“I have heard visually impaired people saying the scooters are dangerous as they can’t hear them. You can’t hear a bicycle either. I have seen more bicycles on the pavements than on the roads at times. No one seems to complain much about them on the pavements or calling for them to have licences.”

But many were concerned about the safety hazards of e-scooters. “Westminsterspin” commented: “These powered scooters just like bicycles are a constant danger to pedestrians as their riders behave in a reckless manner.”

“Thehand” agreed. “Not the answer to improve pollution or commuting around London. Introducing further risk of injury on pavements and road. E scooters will be just left on the pavement or road when the journey is completed. Will you be able to trace the rider who leaves the scene of an accident on foot. When will we see the requirement for scooter lanes similar to bicycle .”

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Talking Point: Will you welcome e-scooters to London?

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