Talking Point: Should mobile phones be banned in schools? Have your say...

Sophie Rainbow
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<p>Williamson insisted that there is “nothing Dickensian” about a well-ordered classroom.</p> (PA Wire)

Williamson insisted that there is “nothing Dickensian” about a well-ordered classroom.

(PA Wire)

Gavin Williamson made headlines this morning over claims that lockdown has impeded children’s sense of “discipline and order.”

The Education Secretary, writing in The Daily Telegraph, insisted that “out-of-control behaviour” must not undermine learning now that students have returned to school.

The Department of Education will soon announce details of its behaviour hubs programme, and banning mobile phones will be a key part of this plan, Williamson explained.

“While technology has been invaluable keeping children learning during lockdowns and we support its use, it’s now time to put the screens away, especially mobile phones,” he wrote, adding that phones not only distract from “exercise and good old-fashioned play”, but also encourage cyber-bullying.

He noted that this excluded the controlled use of tablets, but insisted that there is “nothing Dickensian” about a well-ordered classroom.

But what’s your take on the matter? Do you think children will benefit from a more ordered school experience? And do mobile phones have anything to do with their behaviour in class? Have your say below for the chance to be featured in tomorrow’s Talking Point...

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