Talking Point: What is the most important issue for you in the London mayoral election? Have your say...

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Sadiq Khan has less of a lead over rival Shaun Bailey on crime

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Today’s Talking Point

According to an exclusive poll in the Evening Standard today, crime has become the most important issue to Londoners voting in the mayoral election.

The issue has moved past other areas such as health, the NHS, housing, and the economy to reach the top spot.

Sadiq Khan, although still set for a landslide victory on May 6, has less of a lead over Tory rival Shaun Bailey on crime.

But what will be your priority when casting your vote? Are you concerned about London crime rates, or will other issues take precedence? Have your say below for the chance to be featured in tomorrow’s Talking Point.

Yesterday’s Talking Point: What are you looking forward to now that some restrictions have lifted?

Yesterday we asked what you’re most excited about doing as restrictions ease.

“serious_three” said: “I’m looking forward to drinking beer from a proper glass glass, not those disposable beakers. They’re unpleasant to use and a huge waste of resources.”

Lynda Wiggins, meanwhile, is most looking forward to spending time out with her grandchildren: “Soft play centres to take our 2 year old granddaughter and cinemas and HMV for our 7 going on 8 year old grandson.”

A lot of you also mentioned beauty treatments or haircuts. Linda Erdal is looking forward to “getting [her] feet done,” while “Le Ja Vu” commented: “Just the Air Cut.”

Covid passports” were also mentioned by Michael Doyle, while Andrew Masefield pointed to something that many of us are probably also hoping for: “any news that has nothing to do with Coronavirus.”

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