Talking Point: Should Oxford Street be pedestrianised?

Sophie Rainbow
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Sian Berry today said that roads such Oxford Street and High Street Kensington should be pedestrianised and brought under control of the mayor.

Hoping to overcome council objections to cycle routes and encourage more Londoners to walk and bike, the Green Party candidate said it is vital that the mayor improves safety on major roads.

Sadiq Khan plans to part-pedestrianise Oxford Street were blocked by Westminster Council in 2018, while Kensington and Chelsea Council recently refused to bring back cycle lanes on HSK.

But what do you think of the proposals? Let us know in the comments below to be featured next week.

Yesterday’s Talking Point: Will William and Kate keep the monarchy alive?

Again, responses were split down the middle.

Some of you had high hopes for William and Kate’s future. John Clark said: “Change is a constant in all institutions - - - This one needs their energy and wisdom to create creative and relevant change on behalf of England in the 21 st. Centry.”

Carol Jai Thomas added: “The only reason the monarchy survived after Diana death was because of her boys, William and Harry. The only reason it will continue to survive is because of William happy marriage with Kate and their children. If it was left to only Charles then the monarchy wouldn’t survive.”

But others were more negative about the future of the monarchy. Steve Dudley said: “Nope. Time for real change in the U.K. These old, out dated institutions are due a major service and in this case retirement. Our current monarch ought to be the last.”

And Grace Dalton, although not calling for an end to the monarchy, thought that there needed to be significant change: “They seem nice - but the Royal family plainly shouldn’t have the insane amounts of wealth and property that it does. The vast majority of the Royal family’s wealth could be spent on helping the very poorest human beings in Commonwealth, and the Royals still live comfortably.”

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