Talking Point: Do you and your partner stick to gendered household chores?

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According to a recent poll, 60% of Brits still stick to gendered jobs in the household.

Despite this, 74% also said they thought the idea of gendered chores was outdated.

Men tended to opt for roles such as taking out the bins and mowing the lawn, while women did more laundry and washing up.

The data also revealed that nearly 75% of women feel they bear the brunt of household chores, as opposed to only 35 per cent of men.

Do you agree with any of the findings? Does your household still stick to gendered chores, even if you think the idea is outdated? Let us know your thoughts in the comments for your chance to be featured on the ES website.

Yesterday’s Talking Point: Are you worried about food shortages?

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“CyclingLondoner” said: “Nope. We (they) voted for this. Food is overrated compared to taking back control. People will just need to learn to get by without stuffing their faces.”

“JPFD” said: “Tory Brexit liar Michael Gove on the Andrew Marr show: “There will be no shortages of fresh food after Brexit.” Tory Brexit liar Owen Paterson in the Telegraph: “Brexit will cut shopping bills by £300 a year.” Tory Brexit liar Dominic Raab: “‘Scare stories about cupboards running bare are nonsense”. 37% of the electorate voted for Brexit - 37% of the electorate believed the lies - 37% of the electorate are responsible.”

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Talking Point: Are you worried about food shortages?

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