Talking Point: What do you think about a university banning unvaccinated students?

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The university says at least one vaccination will be a “mandatory requirement” for students living in halls (PA Wire)
The university says at least one vaccination will be a “mandatory requirement” for students living in halls (PA Wire)

Hartpury University and College has become the first university in the UK to ban unvaccinated students.

The university says at least one vaccination will be a “mandatory requirement” for students living in halls, and from September, unvaccinated students will also be prohibited from taking part in sport and social activities.

Vice-principal Claire Whitworth wrote in a letter: “Our expectation is that all eligible students will engage and take up their vaccinations as soon as they are given the opportunity.

“The vaccine protects you, protects others, and will allow us all to lead a ‘new normal’ life, including the best possible Hartpury experience.

“In order to benefit from the most effective protection against Covid-19, it is a mandatory requirement that all eligible students in onsite residential accommodation will engage in the Covid-19 vaccination programme and have both doses of the vaccine when made available to them.

“This also applies to students who wish to join/continue with Hartpury’s sports activities outside of timetabled academic sessions, and those who wish to use Hartpury’s livery.”

What are your thoughts on this decision? Is it fair for universities to dictate their own vaccination requirements, or should it be left to students? Let us know in the comments for the chance to be featured on Monday.

Yesterday’s Talking Point: Should residents decide their own LTNs?

Lots of you got in touch with your thoughts on LTNs.

“Leslie” said: Actually now Ealing Council says it will NOT honour it’s promise to remove them, blaming the government interference of 30 July 2021. This Labour Council is vile and disgusting treating it’s residents like this. Not one councillor Labour Councillor in Ealing has any dignity at all, to force this suffering upon it’s own people. Tory & Lib-Den Councillors all stand by their residents.”

“Whatsupp” said: “The residents may own their homes but they do not own the roads they are built on. All LTNs should be removed immediately they are public roads and should be available for all the public to use them.”

“Markswjg” added: “I was never given a “referendum” on my residential road becoming a major cut through....”

“Rep25,” meanwhile, said: “LTNs are undemocratic unfair and unjust. We know that traffic is pushed onto other roads making it worse for anyone living working or travelling on them. People living inside shouldn’t get to choose without full consultation with the rest of the community that isn’t. You don’t make things better for some by making it worse for others.”

And “ParisTexas” commented: “Let the middle classes close their streets to push up their house prices BUT none of them are allowed to own cars and they have to pay for the maintenance of the street . That will show just how much they care for the environment.

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