Talking Point: Are you worried about food shortages?

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Retail sales declined in July for the first time since shops reopened (Victoria Jones/PA) (PA Wire)
Retail sales declined in July for the first time since shops reopened (Victoria Jones/PA) (PA Wire)

Co-op chief executive Steve Murrells today complained of the worst food shortages he’s ever known, as Britain grapples with supply chain issues.

Nando’s and McDonald’s have also suffered, with chicken and milkshakes removed from menus.

“The shortages are at a worse level than at any time I have seen,” Murrell told The Times, putting the problem down to a mixture of “Brexit and issues caused by Covid”.

The news came as Richard Walker, managing director of Iceland, also warned of empty shelves at Christmas because of the Government decision not to class HGV truck drivers as “essential and skilled” workers.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, he said: “The reason for sounding the alarm now is that we have already had one Christmas cancelled at the last minute and I would hate this one to be problematic as well.”

Are you worried about further food shortages? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and we might feature you on our website tomorrow.

Yesterday’s Talking Point: Do you support XR despite the disruptions?

Lots of you got in touch with your thoughts on XR, and it seems most are in favour of their activism.

MBE2007 said: “Yes I support them. One day you’ll wish you had too. The Climate and Ecological Crisis is here already and it’s going to get far far worse. ‘Doing your bit’ is no longer enough. We all need to ‘do what’s necessary’ and right now that includes civil disobedience. Sadly, it’s the only thing that seems to work. XR protesters are, in my experience, intelligent working people, doctors, scientists, teachers, religious leaders, retired police officers, people from every walk of life.”

“squidcat” also showed their support: “I agree with their methods. Years of non-disruptive actions haven’t been enough to really give the sense of urgency needed, and at this point the disruptions faced by the city will be very minor in comparison to catastrophic climate events. Financial institutions need to take more responsibility and actually stick to the so-called commitments they’ve pledged before running back to fossil fuel firms time and time again.”

“Jfp” said: “If we are annoyed by the disruption of those 2x2 weeks of protest, wait until we see the fuller impact of climate change as described in the IPCC report that was published 2 weeks ago. If we disagree on the methods we have the 48 other weeks of the years to propose better ways to reduce emissions fast.”

And “uncooperativecrusty” added: “I don’t agree with everything they do, but yes they are right. Focusing on the Investment Banks and Billionaire-controlled media was a smart move too. Those usually get a pass but are part of the problem but could be part of the solution.”

“Lee_Enfield” pointed to issues in their local council: “We can certainly see the affects of climate change with wildfires over the World, rising seawater and glaciers vanishing. One problem for me is that Enfield Council are planning to build tower blocks but with little parking facilities and no electric charging points, which I think is a big mistake as people like their cars and the cost of electric vehicles is coming down rapidly.”

And “WFM” pointed to their own experiences: “Yes of course. Some comments below would make an ostrich grin. My first global warming info session was in the early 1990s at the Chelsea Flower. Got more derision than support, even though we were trying to highlight how plants can help alleviate CO2 rise. Leading a horse to water has run out of steam, me thinks!”

Others, meanwhile, were less convinced. “Darthdaver” said: “Support them? I support people that work hard, the people stuck on buses for longer, the people that will have less time to be with their kids because of traffic disruption for example. Not this bunch of champagne socialists. Not to mention the amount of co2 their are helping to build up by blocking transport or pushing ppl to use their cars to avoid the mess they are causing. How much money do they cost the government that can be used on the nhs? What about police resources? They are so out of touch. With reality a few years back they blocked the tube and they got floored for it. Nah, don’t support selfish people like this.”

“endofdays” agreed: “Absolutely not. Bunch of hypocrites telling us to stop using fossil fuels when they posses diesel cars.”

“Atheist” also mentioned the environmental consequences of the protests: “So, as a direct cause of their action, with no-one else at all responsible, they are causing traffic jams in central London, directly resulting in more CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere. It’s not displaced CO2, it is demonstrably MORE CO2 being added to the atmosphere than there would otherwise have been, 100% attributable to XR.”

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