Tango the alpaca predicts an England WIN against Germany in their game on Tuesday

A lucky alpaca has thrilled fans of the Three Lions by predicting an England win against Germany in the Euros. The all-knowing animal Tango is seen given the option of eating out of two buckets - one fashioning the German flag, the other a St George's Cross. But the patriotic alpaca soon reaches down to feed out of the English option - in a big boost to the chances of Gareth Southgate's team. Tango's prediction rate stands at 66 per cent, after predicting the right result for six out of the nine games involving England, Scotland or Wales so far. The alpaca lives at the National Animal Welfare Trust's Berkshire animal rescue and rehoming Centre - where he and his alpaca mates, Foxtrot and Oscar, mind the flock of resident sheep. This video was filmed on the 26th June 2021.

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