Tanya Burr will swap YouTube screen for stage in theatre debut at Southwark Playhouse

Robert Dex
Dave Benett

YouTube star Tanya Burr is swapping her online audience of three million for a real-life one of a few hundred as she prepares for her stage debut.

The star, 28, started out offering online make-up advice nearly 10 years ago. She now has her own YouTube channel where her lifestyle videos attract millions of viewers.

Her next venture is the leading role in a new play at Southwark Playhouse — Judy Upton’s Confidence. She plays Ella, a hustler who elbows her way into dodgy scams in a seaside town.

Burr, whose acting experience included amateur productions and school shows, started taking acting lessons in 2015.

She said: “I always wanted to act but then YouTube happened, which was a great way to express myself but I wasn’t expecting it to take off in the way that it did. I got so swept up in the YouTube bubble for a good five or six years until I realised how much I needed to get back to acting.”

She will continue making videos, but will cut down on the number. She said: “What I’m really excited about is to experience something in a room just once with a different group of people every night.”

Confidence, produced by Boundless Theatre, is at Southwark Playhouse from May 23 to June 16.