Tanya Franks sends message of support to Dame Barbara Windsor

By Craig Simpson, Press Association

Tanya Franks has sent a message of support to Dame Barbara Windsor as she joins the fight against dementia.

The EastEnders and Broadchurch star has said her own stepfather is suffering from Alzheimer’s, the same disease affecting Dame Barbara.

Franks is running in the London Marathon to help the charity battle against the disease.

She has sent a message of support to Dame Barbara, and all others suffering dementia.

Franks said: “My message to Barbara and to anyone else that is dealing with Alzheimer’s and dementia right now is ‘we are here for you, we are doing everything we can to highlight this and make sure you feel that there is support’.

“I’ll have them in my sights, my stepfather will be in my sights.”

Dame Barbara Windsor has Alzheimer’s (Ian West/PA)

Franks has said that her stepfather has also been diagnosed with the disease, which damages the functioning of the brain.

She said: “At the moment I’m experienced seeing someone with Alzheimer’s right now.

“My stepfather has Alzheimer’s. And, although it’s actually quite slow progression, it’s happening.”

Franks will be taking part in the London marathon for the charity Dementia Revolution, running with Dame Barbara’s husband Scott Mitchell.

She added: “My mantra for me is going to be ‘I’m not doing this for me, I’m doing it for somebody else, I’m doing it for other people’.

“Because it has to be about them, and that will keep me going.”

Tanya is supporting the Dementia Revolution.