Tarantino Film The Hateful Eight 'Back On'

Tarantino Film The Hateful Eight 'Back On'

Quentin Tarantino has reportedly decided to resume work on his unproduced western The Hateful Eight, which was abandoned after the script was leaked online.

According to entertainment website Showbiz411, filming could start as soon as November.

The cast is said to include Samuel L Jackson, Bruce Dern, Michael Madsen, Kurt Russell, James Remar, Amber Tamblyn, Walt Goggins and Zoe Bell - all of whom took part in a live reading of the move’s screenplay at the United Artists theatre in Los Angeles last month.

The Oscar-winning director halted work on The Hateful Eight after the 146-page screenplay was published online earlier this year.

He sued gossip website Gawker for contributory copyright infringement after it linked to another site which had posted the script.

The case was dismissed last month after California judge John F Walter said Tarantino failed to prove it was an act of direct copyright infringement.

Tarantino told the website Deadline he had given copies of the script to just six people, including a number of actors he had worked with before.

At the time, the 51-year-old said this left him feeling "betrayed" and "very, very depressed".

Speaking at the Cannes film festival on Friday, however, he said he had since "calmed down a bit."

He said: "The knife-in-the-back wound has started to scab."

Tarantino is famed for Oscar-winning films Django Unchained and Pulp Fiction.

His film Inglorious Basterds earned him another Oscar nomination in 2010.