Tarmac Worker Defeats Passenger in Game of Rock-Paper-Scissors

A passenger on a flight out of Chicago O’Hare International Airport challenged a tarmac worker to a game of rock-paper-scissors on August 18, 2019.

Stas Tkatch, who recorded this video, told Storyful he and his daughter were on their way home to North Carolina from Russia, and their last flight was delayed in Chicago.

To pass the time, his daughter Bella, who posted the video to her TikTok account, decided to try to get the attention of an airport employee on the tarmac.

“We managed to get the attention of a worker and began to play rock-paper-scissors to make the wait shorter!” he said.

Bella was defeated by the employee after throwing scissors to his rock. She posted a follow-up video playing the same employee two more times and winning.

Local news stations reported that more than 500 flights were delayed due to storms on August 18, 2019. Credit: Stas Tkatch via Storyful