Taron Egerton says MeToo has made him wary of being alone with women

Jacob Stolworthy
Getty Images

Taron Egerton, star of the Kingsman films, has said that #MeToo has made him question whether he wants to be alone with certain women through fear of attracting fabricated accusations.

The powerful viral movement was sparked following the numerous allegations of sexual assault against notable Hollywood figures, including Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, and saw people from across the globe come forward with their personal stories of abuse.

Egerton, 29, has revealed it's made him question his own behaviour, as well as made him reconsider who he spends time alone with.

“Like a lot of people with a profile I was like, ”Holy s**t, what have I done since I was 18?“' Egerton told Radio Times. ”I have just become single again and I’m not in a place where I’m thinking about dating, but when I am, it will probably affect my thinking a bit. There are certainly situations where I avoid being alone with certain people.“

The British actor worked with Spacey on box office flop Billionaire Boys Club, the first film released after the allegations against Spacey came to light (it made just £99 on its opening day). The disgraced actor was fired from Netflix show House of Cards and recast by Ridley Scott in John Paul Getty drama All the Money in the World.

Egerton reveals he kept in touch with Spacey after cameras stopped rolling just months before the accusations surfaced in 2017.

“If I had been the subject of his advances, I don’t think that would have been the greatest challenge to deal with,” he said, adding: “I don’t think I would have felt rocked to the core by it. It’s weird because he and I had stayed in touch, he had asked me to socialise. When it all kicked off, I don’t think I was particularly surprised by it. It’s such a tricky, complicated and weird thing. He's just gone now. Gone."

Egerton will next be seen in Robin Hood and will play Elton John in 2019 film Rocketman.