Tartan Army gutted as they head home from Euro 2024 after crushing defeat

The dejected Tartan Army heading home early from Germany felt let down by the team as their holiday was cut short by our crushing 1-0 defeat against the Hungarians last night.

Gutted fans felt deflated as they milled around Stuttgart, dragging heavy suitcases down to the city's main train station on Monday afternoon.

The national team needed at least a point to keep our Euro adventure alive, but after Kevin Csoboth netted the winner with the last kick of the game, we were sent home packing.

Fans who spoke to the Record felt Scotland boss Steve Clarke got the tactics all wrong.

Reflecting on the match, Stuart Elliott, 31, an IT analyst from Stonehaven, said: "I don't think we ever got going. We just looked scared. I

"t's our biggest game in our history in a long time and every time the full-backs wanted to go somewhere they looked like they were told to cut back and pass the ball back, then they hit us on the break and scored the goal.

"That's the most heart-breaking thing about it. There was a lot of angry in the stadium at the end. A few tears - just disappointment.

"I don't think the fans could have done anything else for them. I think we gave them everything we had.

"I've been here since Munich and we gave them everything we could. I just hope that they gave us everything that they had.

"I'm heading home tomorrow but it's still been a brilliant trip. Memories I will never forget.

"The German people are great and all the other fans too. Even though we had to go home early I just hope there's no one sitting at home that was wanted to come out and didn't and are now regretting it because I wouldn't have wanted to miss out. I've had a brilliant time and hopefully we get to do it again in four years time."

Despite the disappointment all the fans we spoke to were still reflecting on an incredible trip.

Jordan Oraw, a 31-year-old engineer from East Kilbride, said: "We've still had an amazing time. What an experience to even get here.

"We were out all day yesterday, we had our faces painted, all the Germans and Hungarians together. We are coming home tomorrow. I would have like to extend the holiday but I need to go back to work at some point!"

Robin Lim, 42, who supplies restaurants and takeaways and is from Glasgow, said: "It was quite obvious from the start that we got the tactics wrong.

"The atmosphere has been brilliant but the team let the fans down big time. I think they'll know that themselves, but it's what they do with that.

"If we'd got through we could have gone home happy but I just feel totally deflated today."

Bruce Mitchell, 54, and his pal Scott McSeveney, 53, were walking toward Stuttgart's main station looking gutted as they were approached by the Record.

Bruce, from Shotts, said: "The tactics were wrong. We had to win it and we bring on our forward players with 10 minutes to go. It just wasn't good enough. We gave them too much respect.

"Even though we all had the belief, I don't think Steve Clarke had it last night. I came back from Florida for this game. The amount of fans that have been here all week has been absolutely outstanding.

"It's still been a great trip. Stuttgart is a fantastic city. The weather has been great. Wherever the Scotland fans are, your always going to have a good time."

Walking around the city there was a complete change in atmosphere from the build up and anticipation ahead of the game on Sunday.

Natalie Beattie, a 46-year-old Nurse, and her husband Charlie, a 48-year-old farmer, stopped to chat to the Record.

Charlie, from Perth, said: "We didn't go out to win the game. We looked happy to go for a draw. Hungary were there for the taking.

"We've all come out here, thousands of us but we played it too safe. It was very disappointing. It feels like a massive missed opportunity.

"Some of the biggest players didn't perform too but the trip has been amazing.

"The German hospitality has been brilliant. The fan zone they set up for us was last minute and it was just perfect. It's been a fantastic trip."

Other fans had booked accommodation anticipating a longer stay but instead were left finding early flights home.

Rab Foulis, who is 57 and runs a painting and decorating business, added: "We just weren't good enough. We expected more. I thought we had a good chance of getting out the group so it's disappointing.

"The German fans have been amazing, though. Cologne was one of the best experiences of the life.

"We booked an Airbnb for a month - that's how confident we were. We're heading home on Thursday now, so there's an Airbnb going if anyone fancies a wee holiday!"

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