Taskmaster star tricks fans with mummy twist

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Taskmaster star tricks fans with mummy twistChannel 4

Taskmaster spoilers follow.

Ivo Graham has tricked none other than the Taskmaster himself, Greg Davies, and his sidekick Alex Horne in a new episode of the Channel 4 show.

Tonight's (April 27) Taskmaster marked the halfway point in the series, seeing contenders Ivo, Frankie Boyle, Jenny Eclair, Kiell Smith-Bynoe and Mae Martin compete against one another for the chance to get those sweet points.

During the first challenge of the night, Ivo displayed a serious talent for trickery. Called to fake something in the most convincing manner possible, the comedian walked in with a toilet paper roll, asking Alex whether he was a fan of ancient Egypt.

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You'll be forgiven for assuming where this is going as Ivo left the room and seemingly returned covered in pristine toilet paper. His mummy costume didn't impress Greg or Alex very much, but what happened moments later made the Taskmaster hosting duo reconsider.

Ivo appeared from behind the door, revealing he wasn't the person in the mummy costume, after all. Both Greg and Alex couldn't believe their eyes as they fell for the stand-up comedian's deceit and acknowledged he truly understood the assignment.

Viewers at home were equally taken aback by the big reveal, with one person tweeting: "Ivo's fake is one for the annals!"

Another viewer joked that Ivo's redemption arc had begun, but unfortunately his trick only got him four points.

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But it got worse. At the end of the episode, won once again by Taskmaster favourite Mae, Ivo was revealed to be at the bottom of the rankings.

Could this season of the show turn into an underdog climb to the top? With a few episodes left, there's a chance this could actually happen.

Taskmaster series 15 airs and streams on Thursday nights at 9pm on Channel 4. Six further series and a spin-off, Junior Taskmaster, have been confirmed.

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