Taskmaster unveils "worst ever" task

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Taskmaster unveils "worst ever" task

Taskmaster spoilers follow.

Taskmaster was thrown into relative chaos tonight, with host Greg Davies deeming one of the challenges the show’s “worst-ever” task.

The 15th series is now over halfway through, with the sixth episode - titled It’s My Milk Now - seeing the five contestants compete for points.

One of the challenges saw the contestants - Mae Martin, Ivo Graham, Frankie Boyle, Jenny Eclair, Kiell Smith-Bynoe - tasked with peeling an egg without the use of their hands, with the aim being to remove the shell, leaving as few pieces as possible.

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As host Alex Horne laid out the instructions, there was collective confusion as to the rules of the game and why there were five eggs presented to them, but the host maintained the task was very simple.

Ivo spent most of his allotted ten minutes thinking about how to break the egg, whilst Jenny decided to eat it and went to the extent of taking her shoe off in the hope that she could potentially use her shoelaces.

Frankie took a more scientific approach, with the comedian dropping the eggs into water to ascertain which one was the heaviest. Kiell was much more industrial in his tactics, preferring to drop them onto the table and hope for the best.

Mae’s attempt came last, with the comedian realising that the objective was to find a raw egg and poke a hole in the middle, with the aim being to suck the inside out.

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After completing the task using only three pieces, they noticed the table holding the eggs had a label underneath each one - four labels said Frankie, with one saying Jenny.

Frankie’s name corresponded to the boiled eggs in a play on his name, with nobody realising that Alex had made it patently clear where the raw egg was.

After the scores were dished out, Greg said: "Let’s just agree that this has been the worst task, and the worst response to a task in fifteen series. Let’s move on.”

The episode was won by Mae, meaning they have now been the victor in three of the six episodes.

Taskmaster series 15 airs and streams on Thursday nights at 9pm on Channel 4. Six further series and a spin-off, Junior Taskmaster, have been confirmed.

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