Tasmanian Cows Break Into Owners' House, Trash the Place

A woman found her pair of cows making a filthy mess after they broke into her home in Sprent, Tasmania, on July 28, as seen in a viral video on TikTok.

Chelsea Hingston told Storyful that she had locked her two one-year-old cows, named Sob and Bandit, in her backyard after a storm hit the night before and damaged the cattle’s usual corral.

When she left the house the next morning, the cows managed to push their way into her home.

Upon returning home and seeing the mess, Hingston said the two cows immediately walked out after she gave them a scolding and called out their names.

“To say our hearts broke when seeing the inside is an understatement,” she said.

Hingston said she lost a considerable amount of clothing, plants, and toys, and is currently waiting on getting new floors installed. Credit: Chelsea Hingston via Storyful

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