Tasmanian Photographer Captures Incredible Aurora Australis Timelapse

A Tasmania-based photographer has shared stunning footage of the Aurora Australis as it created a mesmerizing backdrop to Mount Barrow.

Ben Swanson posted a video of the shimmering sight to his Instagram page on December 29, telling Storyful that he captured the footage three days earlier.

Swanson said that after finishing work at around 11 pm that night he decided to “have a crack” at capturing something special at Mount Barrow. By the time he arrived, he said the aurora was “in full swing”, and that he couldn’t get his gear “set up quick enough”.

To capture the featured timelapse, he said he used a Sony a7 III with 24mm lens and a Sony a7S with a 55mm lens to “shoot around 2,000 photos” between the two cameras, before he “compiled them to make this short clip on my computer”. Credit: Ben Swanson via Storyful

Video transcript