Tattoo artist’s caring dog hugs customers to comfort them during sessions

A tattoo artist's caring pet dog hugs customers to comfort them during painful body art sessions.Footage shows the black pug named Med Busy cuddling up to a man as the shop owner struck the needles into his skin in Bangkok on December 22.Med Busy's owner said her three-year-old pooch was always well-behaved inside the shop and climbs up the bed to provide support when the customer need it and when they agree.He will then lay still with them until being told to get down and return to playing outside.Pet owner Kullissara Narkkerd said: ‘My dog adores people. He loves being around customers and doesn't disturb me.‘During a session, he usually just sleeps and doesn't make a noise until we call him if the customer asks for distraction. He's the best assistant ever and it's a great way for people to have some comfort while they receive their tattos. Sometimes they are nervous and sometimes it hurts, so Med Busy really helpes them.'Kullissara added that when the tattoo is finished, Med Busy will wag his tail.She said: ‘It was as if he is congratulating them. This is why my customers always love to meet and greet him.'