Tax deadline 2017: When is it and why is it later this year?

Max Benwell
New figures show the fastest increase in household incomes ever recorded by the federal government: AP

The deadline for Americans to file their annual tax returns is approaching once again, although slightly later than usual.

In great news for the nation’s procrastinators, the official deadline has been postponed two days.

If you've left it until now to start your returns, then may the odds be in your favour, and god speed.

Here is everything you need to know:

When is the deadline to file my tax returns?

The deadline is at 11:59 pm on Tuesday 18 April.

Why is it later this year?

Traditionally the tax deadline lands on 15 April, but two events have postponed it. Firstly, 15 April was a Saturday this year. There is a rule that the deadline has to be on the following Monday if this is the case.

So why wasn’t it on Monday? Because it was a holiday in the District of Columbia on Monday – Emancipation Day. This marks the day 31,100 slaves living in Washington were freed.

Despite the district's relatively minuscule population compared to the rest of the US, this further delayed the deadline, pushing it to Tuesday.

Where can I file my tax returns online?

There are three ways you can file your tax returns via the IRS website. They are listed in full here with all the details you need:

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