Taxi driver runs over man in fare dispute

Shocking footage shows a taxi driver using his cab “like a weapon” as he deliberately mows down his passenger after a row over the fare.

A CCTV camera captured the incident in April after Bristol taxi driver Muhammed Javed, 45, dropped the passenger off after a night out.
The clip that was played in court on Monday shows Mr Lloyd and friend Polly Nicalaous standing in front of the bonnet as tensions mount between them and the driver.

Mr Javed then got out of his taxi and put his arm out, seemingly to stop them leaving, and is then seen to throw a punch at Mr Lloyd who blocks it with his arm, a court heard.

After Mr Javed returned to the driver’s seat, Mr Lloyd attempted to take a picture of the taxi licence plate, the furious taxi driver started revving up the engine.

The taxi started to crawl before hitting the accelerator and driving off at speed with the victim still on the bonnet. Mr Lloyd managed to cling onto the bonnet before falling onto the road.

What the footage doesn’t show is Mr Lloyd left bleeding on the road, suffering from head injuries and a broken hand.

Bristol Crown Court was told how the pair initially agreed a £7 fare to drive to their desired destination. However, Mr Javed said it would be dependant on the meter. As soon as the meter hit £6, the pair asked to be let out. But Javed continued to drive with the couple threatening to call the police.

Recorder Simon Foster said: “It’s quite plain that you deliberately used your taxi as a weapon. You drove deliberately at someone stood right in front of your vehicle.

“It is in my mind extraordinary that there weren’t any more injuries caused. They could have been horrendous.”

Mr Javed was jailed for six months and banned from driving for two years after admitting dangerous driving and assault causing actual bodily harm.