Taylor Swift fan says songs 'helped her talk again' after stroke as Eras Tour comes to London

Swift on stage in a white outfit
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A fan has spoken of how listening to Taylor Swift songs over and over helped her learn to talk again after suffering a stroke. Lauren Livesey took to social media to tell her inspiring story ahead of the pop star's first Eras Tour show in London tonight (Friday, June 21).

She said on X: "After my stroke 2.5 yrs ago I had to relearn how to speak and how to get the words from my brain to my mouth. I did this by listening to Taylor Swift pretty much solidly.

"Now I'm on my way to see her at Wembley. Thanks for the words, TS." She then signalled her intent to take part in a tradition amongst Swifties.

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Lauren added: "Also, I'm on my own (kid), as I had to change from standing to seated, so if there's anyone in section 506 who's also flying solo, please say hi/would like to trade bracelets!"

Fans descend on Wembley

MyLondon has been speaking to fans who have descended upon Wembley ahead of Swift's show tonight. The star means a lot to her fans, and the billionaire has drawn people from across the globe to the UK. Lauren Dembo, for example, flew from Alabama just for the show with her six-year-old son and a friend from high school.

Nika and Frank came from Belgium. Nicole and Molly came to London from Denver and Atlanta on a family trip as they will soon become sisters in law.

Nicole and Molly pictured at Wembley for the Taylor Swift concert
Nicole and Molly came to London from Denver and Atlanta -Credit:MyLondon

Some superfans even began queueing yesterday afternoon (June 20) outside Wembley Stadium to give themselves the best chance of getting a good spot close to the stage. There's a huge buzz in London around the superstar's arrival, and there are plenty of things you need to know about the concert and what rules are in place. The Tube and trains, for example, are expected to be super busy throughout the day, although one train line will not be stopping at Wembley due to overcrowding.

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