Taylor Swift Joined On Stage By Little Mix And Julia Roberts

Taylor Swift’s 1989 world tour is becoming more renowned for the special guests that she brings out each night than anything else, and TayTay’s Santa Clara fans got perhaps two of the best surprise performances of all last night:

Julia Roberts with Joan Baez and… LITTLE MIX.

Oh, y’know, super casual - nbd.


Britain’s biggest girlband since the Spice Girls (soz Girls Aloud) are currently in the middle of their American promotional tour ahead of the release of their much-anticipated album ‘Get Weird’, and were obviously able to find time in their busy schedule to hang out with the babe that is Taylor and perform to 60,000 adoring fans.

Just another day in the Little Mix world, eh?

Sharing photos from the night, the excitable girls took to their Instagram account to gush: “OMG cannot quite believe what’s just happened, one of the best experiences in our little mix life ever!

“Cannot thank Taylor enough for having us tonight, 60,000 incredible screaming swifties with a sprinkle of Black Magic, thank you for being so welcoming to us!

“We love you Taylor can’t wait to catch up very soon! xx Little Mix xx [sic]”

Looks like Tay has just secured another four lifetime members to her exclusive gal pal club.

The 25 year old was equally excited by her company, sharing snapshots over on her own social media accounts, exclaiming: “LITTLE MIX!! Love these girls!!

“They smashed it tonight in front of 50,000 screaming fans. Amazing. [sic]”

Which is adorbs, but also leaves us wondering what happened to those extra 10K people that LM mentioned in their post?

Still, what’s 10K when we’re talking 50-60,000 peeps?

In addition to the Little Mix babes, Taylor was also joined on stage by American folk music star, Joan Baez, and, rather randomly, Julia Roberts who appaz “danced it out to ‘Style’.”

Writing after the show, Taylor shared: “These two women are my heroes. What an honour.”

And we just can’t wait to see who else Tay has up her sleeve for the rest of the 1989 tour dates.