Taylor Swift joins Haim on-stage in London

Pop superstar Taylor Swift has made a surprise appearance during Haim’s London O2 performance, telling fans: “I haven’t been on stage in a very long time, it’s nice.”

The 32-year-old performed a mash-up of the American pop rock band’s anthem Gasoline with her 2008 song Love Story, from her second album Fearless.

Swift matched the band wearing black leather trousers paired with a black crop top, sporting a full fringe with her hair in a plait.

She said: “Good evening London. You know I haven’t been on stage in a very long time. It’s nice, it’s nice, it’s very nice.

“But you know, I heard that my girls were playing in London at the O2, and I thought ‘I am going to have to see that’.

“And it looks like there’s about 20,000 other people that also think that.

“We had a thought that if we were to do some sort of mash-up we could possibly maybe get you to sing the loudest that you have sung all night.

“Which is a big challenge because you have been singing very loudly, it’s extraordinary work.”

At the end of her appearance, Swift hugged the band and said: “Ladies and gentleman, please take care of my best ones for the rest of the evening.

“Thank you for having me, good evening.”

Haim, comprising three sisters Este, Danielle and Alana Haim, opened for Swift during her 1989 World Tour in 2015, and also featured on her 2020 album Evermore, on the track No Body, No Crime.